If the micron is to be split ...

The Stöckel FSX is a surface and profile grinding machine that has been designed according to modern technical criteria serving to machine your work pieces in the high precision sector. The machine bed made of granite is the basis of the machine’s high precision. The consequent design with hydrostatic guidings in all axes leads to a high rigidity at an optimum damping.

The axes are driven by hydrostatic lead screws with hydrostatic bearings. This results in high rapid traverse speeds with positioning accuracies in the range of 0.1 μm. The machine is designed for creep feed grinding operations.


 Granite for highest precision - The basis of the machine is the machine bed made of natural hard stone granite. This machine bed serves to accommodate the cross support, which is guided on the granite bed by hydrostatic guides for the cross movement.


Hydrostatic axes - By connecting the hydrostatic guide elements to the hydrostatic lead screws, positioning accuracies and backlashes in the range of 0.1 μm are achieved.


Optimum concentricity - The heart of the hydrostatic drive is the grinding spindle, which rotates in an oil bath in the spindle housing. As a result, the spindle unit is subject to almost no wear and enables mirror-like surfaces.


Dressing technology - In the high-end sector, the shaping and sharpness of the grinding wheel is of particular importance. Our dressing technology is based on driven dressing rolls, whose wear is lower and the service life is significantly higher than with conventional dressers. Alternatively, various single-diamond dressers are available for roughing and finishing.