When it comes to surface grinding of ring- or disc-shaped parts, this can only be achieved with the highest precision on a rotary table machine. Our FR series offers an economical solution for this task. The stable cast construction of the machine bed is the basis for high stock removal rates and precise machining at the same time.

Further equipment packages such as folding dressers as well as filter systems, balancing systems, etc. can be selected in addition to the basic equipment or added later on. The machine is equipped with the modern NC-T control and is available in table sizes from Ø 450 mm to Ø 1200 mm.



Type Grinding area D x h (mm) Spindle Power (KW) Grinding Wheel (mm)
FR 450 450 x 370 5,5 300 x 50 x 76,2
FR 600 600 x 250 11 400 x 50 x 127
FR 800 800 x 360 11 400 x 50 x 127
FR 1000 1000 x 450 15 500 x 50 x 203,2
FR 1200 1200 x 450 15 500 x 50 x 203,2

Standard accessories

Leveling elements
Full enclosure of the working area
Grinding spindle speed control
Magnetic chuck with clamping force control and demagnetization
Glass scale in the vertical axis
Grinding wheel arbor and grinding wheel
LED machine lights
Operation manual in German or English

Special accessories

Coolant tank and filter units
Dressing systems
Balancing technology
Grinding mist removal units