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Phone +49 (0)2772 / 94 00-0

Surface and profile grinder


The STÖCKEL FD is a high precision planer type grinding machine making optimum use of space. All supporting main elements consist of natural stone. By using granite for construction we obtain very good damping qualities of the complete machine at a high stiffness.

As guiding elements either slideways, linear guideways or hydrostatic guideways are incorporated into the machine. As a standard, the axis drives are electro-mechanical for both the vertical and the horizontal axis, and hydraulic for the table axis. At the customer’s request, also a mechanical drive can be inserted into the table axis. Thus, temperature influences on the machine’s working accuracy are minimized.

To round off the offer of customized machines we offer controls – from conventional NC controls to CNC controls. This converts the Stöckel FD  into a technically sophisticated machine granting the economical high-precision treatment of your material. We offer machines with grinding ranges from 600 x 400 mm onwards.